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A tiny dot that makes a big impression

Though little more than a dot along the southern coastal tip of the Republic of China, Hong Kong’s own unique characteristics make a big impression. And it’s not all gleaming glass and steel towers. Only a few blocks away from its teeming main thoroughfares, small roads and alleyways are home to earthy noodle bars and colourful fresh produce markets. Jump aboard a ferry to one of the Outer Islands or catch a train to the New Territories for a rural contrast.

47a.StreetScenes.FunkFestival.UStreet.WDC.3May2014Elvert Barnes / CC BY-SA 2.0

Logan Tavern

Logan Tavern

Welcome to the neighbourhood

Welcome to the neighbourhood Editors' Note

Logan Tavern feels like an old standby, even if on a first visit. Everyone is happy to be there – from the bartenders to the wait staff to the person sitting next to you, should you choose to sit at the large communal table in the center of the dining room. Be sure and try their great chicken.

This upscale casual restaurant serves sophisticated food, notably wasabe-encrusted meatloaf, excellent burgers and salads, and a superb brunch menu. The pace is popular and very hip, so expect a little wait, but it is well worth it.

Logan Tavern
1423 P Street, NW, 20005 Washington, D.C.
1 202 332 3710
Noon-close Mon-Fri; 11am-close Sat, Sun