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Where Europe and Asia meet

Istanbul is a place of living urban history that spans Europe and Asia, forged since antiquity by the achievements of coexisting civilizations. Dubbed ‘New Rome’ by Constantine, plundered by crusader greed in 1204, and the Ottoman capital from 1453, today’s teeming city welcomes her visitors in safety. Ancient and evolving, Istanbul’s essence is best captured in fleeting images: in wailing hilltop minarets, bargaining in bazaars, and diverse dining and nightlife.

Rainbow steps, IstanbulAltug Karakoc / CC BY 2.0

Istanbul Tour Studio

Istanbul Tour Studio

Locals' Pick Discover the city a variety of ways

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Sinan Sökmen

Partner at Istanbul Tour Studio

In a city surrounded by water, this is one of the nicest activities you can do. Starting from Kalamış pier on the Asian side, you can sail to the Princes Islands’, swim at the sea, take a walk on one of the islands, have a great feast at a local fish restaurants and much more. We offer other tours too, such as the Street Art Walk: We organise the street art walk every Friday. Street art in Istanbul is becoming bigger and broader every single day. There are numerous districts that have their own unique street art. You can find building tall murals, train graffiti, and stencil pieces.

Discover the city a variety of ways Editors' Note

Some of the most rewarding tours around the city, on water and on land, are offered by Istanbul Tour Studio, a travel agency based in Beşiktaş. They have a variety of tours, including photography walks, food tours, street art tours, helicopter and bicycle tours, and so on.

If you are interested in learning the art of jewelry making, Istanbul Tour Studio can help you too. Other interesting tours include “bazaaring” and mushroom hunt tours. Short tours are typically affordable. You can also book a private tour.

Istanbul Tour Studio
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