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Wagner's cradle

You may not hear about Leipzig every day, but if you visit Germany and you don’t give this city a try, you miss a bit of the country’s soul. Wagner’s cradle and Bach’s stage for 27 years, Leipzig still loves its music, and above all, it loves its cultural treasures. Check out Mädler Mall and Auerbachs Keller even if you are not a fan of Goethe’s Faust. Don’t miss Nikolaikirche and the stunning view from nearby Universität Leipzig Turm.

Twio X | Parkour LeipzigAdelina Horn / CC BY 2.0

Twio X

Twio X

Locals' Pick Calisthenics club

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Cali Move

Personal Trainer

This is, of course, our favorite location: the Twio X free running and calisthenics park. There s a big scaffolding, especially built for free running and calisthenics. There are good boxes for parkour and free running too.

Calisthenics club Editors' Note

Based on an idea by Alex Lorenz, Twio X was founded in 2006, as a parkour and calisthenics club. It offers excellent facilities for obstacle course training, but also for calisthenics.

Twio X is available for children, youth and adults, to try different sports and exercises longer. Because of controversies surrounding parkour, Twio X recommends not to allow children under 13 years to practice parkour.

Twio X
Friesenstr. 6, Leipzig
0173 4341430