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A historic maritime city, welcoming modern explorers

Europe’s westernmost capital is probably also its most stunningly situated, on hilly ground in a bend of the River Tagus where it broadens out into a giant bay. Writers rave about Lisbon’s unique light; modern tourists also warm to the mild climate and relaxed feel of its summer nights, when the bars' patrons spill out onto cobbled streets. Centuries of maritime exploration have also left a rich artistic heritage.

CD SculptureSteve Snodgrass / CC BY 2.0

Louisiana Children's Museum

Louisiana Children's Museum

Famous Kid-sized Louisiana, amusing and educational

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Located close to downtown New Orleans, the museum is a whole lot of fun. Make groceries in the shopping area, cook up a meal in the kitchen, or check out how the boats deliver goods into the port.

Kid-sized Louisiana, amusing and educational Editors' Note

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is crammed with interactive exhibits and educational games and activities. It has displays relating to science and nature, a play kitchen, a mini TV station and even a mini port.

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is aimed at kids from toddlers to ten-year-olds (though the latter is stretching it a bit).

Louisiana Children's Museum
420 Julia Street, 70130 New Orleans
Open 9am-5pm daily