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A historic maritime city, welcoming modern explorers

Europe’s westernmost capital is probably also its most stunningly situated, on hilly ground in a bend of the River Tagus where it broadens out into a giant bay. Writers rave about Lisbon’s unique light; modern tourists also warm to the mild climate and relaxed feel of its summer nights, when the bars' patrons spill out onto cobbled streets. Centuries of maritime exploration have also left a rich artistic heritage.

Image of Feira da Ladra
Lisbon / 09.2012Zaytsev Artem / CC BY 2.0
Image of Feira da Ladra
Image of Feira da Ladra
Image of Feira da Ladra
Image of Feira da Ladra
Image of Feira da Ladra

Feira da Ladra

Feira da Ladra

Locals' Pick The Lisbon flea market

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Theo Solnik


Lisbon most famous flea market.

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Tania Jeronimo Teixeira

Hostel Manager

Open-air Flea Market every Tuesday and Saturday morning.

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The Lisbon flea market Editors' Note

Feira da Ladra or “Thieve’s Market” is a famous flea market with a large proportion of junk, often at inflated prices. Haggling is a must. Pitches are mostly laid out on the ground, with more permanent shops around the perimeter where you can pick up decent semi-antique furniture.

The market is held every Tuesday and Saturday, from dawn to dusk. Feira da Ladra starts at the Arco de São Vicente, an arch near where the famous Tram 28 stops.

Feira da Ladra
Campo de Santa Clara, São Vicente, Lisbon, 1170 Lisbon
96 254 0775