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A historic maritime city, welcoming modern explorers

Europe’s westernmost capital is probably also its most stunningly situated, on hilly ground in a bend of the River Tagus where it broadens out into a giant bay. Writers rave about Lisbon’s unique light; modern tourists also warm to the mild climate and relaxed feel of its summer nights, when the bars' patrons spill out onto cobbled streets. Centuries of maritime exploration have also left a rich artistic heritage.

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The largest Mall in Lisbon

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The largest Mall in Lisbon Editors' Note

With over 420 stores, Colombo is the largest shopping centre in Lisbon. It has over 60 restaurants, 10 cinema screens, a Health and Fitness Club, an indoor amusement park perfect for children, a bowling alley and the best fashion stores in the city.

Among the most visited venues at Colombo, Disney store, Zon Lusomundo Cinemas and Zara are the top favorites. The restaurants are located on the second level, and the choice is very extensive. Aside the usual fast food outlets, you can also treat yourself with local, Oriental and European cuisine.

Centro Colombo - Av. Lusíada, 1500-392 Lisbon
21 711 36 00
Open every day from 09h to 24h