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They say size isn’t everything – but it helps. With a population of over 8.5 million, London is nothing if not a city of diversity. The city has restaurants offering every type of cuisine imaginable, the world’s leading museums and galleries, some of the planet’s hottest nightclubs and bars, and a multitude of unique family activities. Tens of millions of visitors a year can’t be wrong.

Where Are the Beatles?Brian Pennington / CC BY 2.0
London - October 2012Nan Palmero / CC BY 2.0

Abbey Road

Abbey Road

Home of EMI's Abbey Road Studios

Traveler reviews

Home of EMI's Abbey Road Studios Editors' Note

The 1969 The Beatles album made this London street famous all over the world, but Abbey Road has other attractions, aside the historic EMI Studio. Yet travelers come here just to see the zebra crossing featured on the cover of the album.

Many city sightseeing tours, designed for The Beatles fans, begin at Abbey Road Studios. The tin street sign that marked the road is no longer at its former place, and can now be found high up, on the building on the corner, to save the local council the expense of cleaning and replacing the sign.

Abbey Road
Abbey Road, London
St. John's Wood
+44 20 7266 7000