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They say size isn’t everything – but it helps. With a population of over 8.5 million, London is nothing if not a city of diversity. The city has restaurants offering every type of cuisine imaginable, the world’s leading museums and galleries, some of the planet’s hottest nightclubs and bars, and a multitude of unique family activities. Tens of millions of visitors a year can’t be wrong.

Paternoster Square as seen from St. Paul's Cathedral - London Stock ExchangeElias Gayles / CC BY 2.0

Paternoster Square

Paternoster Square

Urban square, next to St Paul's Cathedral

Urban square, next to St Paul's Cathedral Editors' Note

The London Stock Exchange is probably the most famous attraction at Paternoster Square, but Londoners also know this public place for its proximity to St. Paul’s Cathedral. A few important banks are also on location, and so is the famous Temple Bar.

The square' main monument is a 23m tall column, known as the Paternoster Square Column. A statue by by Dame Elisabeth Frink (the Shepherd and Sheep) is the main attraction at the north end of the square.

Paternoster Square
Paternoster Square, London
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