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The city made famous for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is exciting and always unexpected. The city has notorious traffic jams, yet boasts beautiful mountain trails for hiking. From Beverly Hills to Malibu to the skyscrapers of downtown L.A., it’s a city made up of many diverse towns. It’s a magnet for those who want to make films, television and music; and in a sense Los Angeles is the American Dream, constantly re-creating itself, and always a fantastic travel destination.

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Venice Canals Walkway

Venice Canals Walkway

Famous "Venice of America" constructed in 1905

"Venice of America" constructed in 1905 Editors' Note

The Venice Canals Walkway is a sightseeing gem and one of California’s hidden treasures. You’ll see ducks and geese along these artificial canals filled with fresh sea water. It’s a lovely place for a walk and accommodates strollers. This picturesque spot is beyond the crowded Venice boardwalk.

Venice Canals Walkway was originally designed as a seaside resort to bring people to the beach. Some canals have been filled in, but today there are enough canal side walkways to enjoy a stroll. Venetian themed architecture can be seen in the old bungalow style homes, some with their canoes docked out front.

Venice Canals Walkway
Off Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA, 90291 Los Angeles