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Spain's complex capital

Once little more than a Roman way station and Moorish fort, Madrid owes much of its existence to the fickle patronage of the kings of Spain. The city’s transition from sleepy backwater to imperial capital and modern metropolis has been erratic, leaving Madrid with a complex personality. The crowded flea markets of the Rastro, the green spaces of the Retiro, the Habsburg pomp of Los Austrias and the bold vision of the new Reina Sofia museum are just some of the sides of this multi-faceted city.

Void Camp en la Fiesta 5º Aniversario, 5gig / CC BY-SA 2.0
JOSELE SANTIAGO (3)elchicogris / CC BY-SA 2.0

Sala Caracol

Sala Caracol

The cutting edge in new music in Madrid

The cutting edge in new music in Madrid Editors' Note

Sala Caracol has over 20 years experience presenting multicultural concerts and performances. This avant-garde venue showcases some of the best new talent in Madrid and from around the world. If popular music is your thing, this may not be the place for you.

Punk rock to alternative, Sala Caracol covers the cutting edge of new concert presentation on top of serving up a mean party atmosphere. A light menu and cocktails are also featured for guests. The club appears small from the outside, but inside it is actually quite cavernous, with great views of performances at all angles.

Sala Caracol
C/Bernardino Obregon 18, 28012 Madrid
91 527 35 94
Concert times and information vary, please inquire