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Spain's complex capital

Once little more than a Roman way station and Moorish fort, Madrid owes much of its existence to the fickle patronage of the kings of Spain. The city’s transition from sleepy backwater to imperial capital and modern metropolis has been erratic, leaving Madrid with a complex personality. The crowded flea markets of the Rastro, the green spaces of the Retiro, the Habsburg pomp of Los Austrias and the bold vision of the new Reina Sofia museum are just some of the sides of this multi-faceted city.

Grupo sorpresagaelx / CC BY-SA 2.0



Visually enticing nightclub

Visually enticing nightclub Editors' Note

A wonderfully creative crew run Siroco, something that is abundantly clear from their flyers, their programme and the visuals of the club itself.

Doubling as a live music venue, Siroco starts to hot up after the concerts finish at around 2am, when a crowd composed mainly of wannabe b-boys, club kids and beardy young students get down to the soul, funk and rare groove seven-inchers deftly woven together by the resident DJs.

C/San Dimas 3, 28015 Madrid
91 593 30 70
9.30pm-5am Thur; 9.30pm- 6am Fri, Sat.