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The Andalusian pearl

You may hear Málaga is more laid back than other Spanish cities, but that doesn’t mean for a moment that it’s boring. Málaga is breathtakingly beautiful, with romantic gardens, beaches and Moorish castles. Naturally, don’t miss its gorgeous art galleries - after all, Pablo Picasso was born here. Shopping is fun and fashionistas have a lot to enjoy in the trendy boutiques downtown. And when it comes to nightlife, well, Málaga knows how to party.

Calle Marqués de LariosPinkitt / CC BY 2.0
Image of Marqués de Larios
Image of Marqués de Larios

Marqués de Larios

Marqués de Larios

Locals' Pick Malaga's best fashion and people watching

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It is one of the main pedestrian shopping streets which will lead you to several nice squares and monuments as you’re walking through it.

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Malaga's best fashion and people watching Editors' Note

Marqués de Larios is one of Malaga’s popular shopping areas, and where the fashion conscious in town go to scratch their clothes itch. The chic shops and restaurants are typically charming. Spanish fashion is the trend here. The nearby sightseeing attractions make this a likely watering hole too.

Check you the Picasso Museum down the street and get back to some serious people watching and shopping. The water front park and all the other main attractions are close by making Marqués de Larios a must see and enjoy attraction.

Marqués de Larios
Calle Marqués de Larios, 29005 Málaga
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