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The beautiful Balearics

Mallorca and Menorca have long been popular with tourists, but if you think it’s just bucket ‘n’ spade delights, think again. Mallorca’s capital, Palma de Mallorca, has a fascinating history, and the island’s varied landscape includes rugged mountains and a rural interior little-touched by tourism. Boutique hotels, delicious paella, and peaceful villages show there’s much more than the islands' beaches. The likes of Magaluf still supply cheap thrills, but in quiet corners of Menorca or Mallorca’s Tramuntana mountains, it all seems ages away.

jazzEvonne / CC BY 2.0

Blue Jazz Club

Blue Jazz Club

Music and good food

Music and good food Editors' Note

Blue Jazz Club at Hotel Saratoga is an elegant space where jazz music lovers can enjoy live performances by individual artists or groups, from Spain and from abroad. Past performances featured Bob Margolin, Axel Fahning Quintet, Frederike Alexandra, and Billy Thompson, among many others.

The Blue Jazz Club, overlooking the bay of Palma, is also a restaurant, serving sandwiches and baguettes, but also heartier mains from the sea, and from the earth. Some of the menu items are not available during performances.

Concerts are held on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays evenings.

Blue Jazz Club
Passeig de Mallorca 6, 07012 Palma Mallorca
+34 971 727 240