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Vibrant, multi-cultural city

They say Malmö is home to people from over 150 countries, making the city the most cosmopolitan in Sweden. You can therefore expect unexpectedly exotic attractions for this part of the world. While the architecture is typical for Sweden, the city’s cultural life and its dining reflect its citizens. For the Swedish spirit of the place, visit Malmöhus Castle, former residency of the kings of Denmark, which is today a museum complex hosting a history museum, art museum, aquarium, and terrarium. Folkets park is quite exciting for the little ones, and for those of you who visit Malmo in August, Malmöfestivalen offers many cultural and culinary experiences.

Kockska huset 2, Malmöjorchr / CC BY-SA 3.0

Restaurang Årstiderna

Restaurang Årstiderna

Fine dining and traditional cuisine

Fine dining and traditional cuisine Editors' Note

Restaurang Årstiderna is one of Malmö’s finest dining destinations. The restaurant is located inside the historic Kockska Huset, a house built in the early 1520s, representing an example of Gothic and Renaissance fusion.

Restaurang Årstiderna represents a Swedish kitchen characterized by both tradition and quality. Only the freshest local ingredients are used in preparing its exclusive menus. Some menu highlights include fillet of veal with creamy morels, fillet of venison baked with cep, served with salsifies, port wine reduction and puré of almond potatoes and our favorite, halibut with Jerusalem artichoke, lemon beurre blanc, horse radish and lobster.

Restaurang Årstiderna
Frans Suellsgatan 3, 211 22 Malmö
+46 40-23 09 10
Monday-Friday 11.30 - 00.00 Saturday 17.00 - 00.00 Sunday & Holidays Closed