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They say Malmö is home to people from over 150 countries, making the city the most cosmopolitan in Sweden. You can therefore expect unexpectedly exotic attractions for this part of the world. While the architecture is typical for Sweden, the city’s cultural life and its dining reflect its citizens. For the Swedish spirit of the place, visit Malmöhus Castle, former residency of the kings of Denmark, which is today a museum complex hosting a history museum, art museum, aquarium, and terrarium. Folkets park is quite exciting for the little ones, and for those of you who visit Malmo in August, Malmöfestivalen offers many cultural and culinary experiences.

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Salt och Brygga

Salt och Brygga

Locals' Pick Organic restaurant of the year 2010

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Studio Frid

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In the western harbor you will find one of Malmö’s first organic restaurants.

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Organic restaurant of the year 2010 Editors' Note

Salt och Brygga has a reputation for serving the best ingredients for discerning patrons who want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, organic cuisine. The restaurant serves meat, fish and vegetarian dishes: the style is modern with a classic touch.

The menu at Salt och Brygga is inspired by the Mediterranean but firmly rooted in Scandinavian soil. All ingredients are sourced from local producers who use healthy, organic farming methods. The menus change seasonally.

Salt och Brygga
Sundspromenaden 7, Malmö
+46 40-611 59 40
Mon-Fri 11.30 - 15.00, 17.00 - 21.00 Saturday 12.30 - 21.00 Sunday closed