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Profile Image of Meat Lust

Meat Lust

Meat Enthusiasts

What is MEAT LUST? It’s that amazing moment when a seriously succulent and joyously tender mouthful of meat hits your tastebuds. Now take that awesome feeling, ramp it up and add a few noughts, square it to the power of ten, and then punch it full in the face.

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Profile Image of Mary-Ellen McTague

Mary-Ellen McTague


The first female chef at Michelin-starred country house hotel Sharrow Bay, Mary-Ellen has worked under star names from Heston Blumenthal to Paul Heathcote, also featuring on BBC’s Great British Menu programme. In 2009, she opened Aumbry in Prestwich with her husband Laurence Tottingham, and has created a menu of thoughtful and unusual contemporary British fare.

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Profile Image of Marble Beers

Marble Beers

Beer Brewery

Marble beers began brewing in 1997 after owner Vance and manager Mark decided it was a choice between a karaoke room or independent brewing, to aid the survival of ‘The Marble Arch Inn’. Mark left to set up ‘Boggarts’ in 2000 and this saw current head brewer, James Campbell join the company. Bringing an emphasis on high quality ingredients, hop forward thinking and an idea to create beer that people wanted to drink and talk about, Marble brewery grew into the 12 barrel plant it is today.

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Profile Image of Benn and Michael


Tea Club

The #teaclub was the idea of two gents from Yorkshire who have a mutual love for tea. It all started when they met on the tea aisle of their place of work. After discovering they both loved Yorkshire Tea and disliked average teas (not naming but you might have an idea), they began discussing their enjoyments of England’s national drink.

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Profile Image of Susie Earlam

Susie Earlam

Vintage Blogger

I’m Susie from Manchester. I’m the creator of Old Fashioned Susie, a lifestyle blog encompassing many of my favorite things. Vintage loving, bric a brac hunting, cocktail drinking, home renovating and family fun.

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Profile Image of Jo Grobbelaar

Jo Grobbelaar

Wellness-builder and Life Kick-Starter

Becoming a coach was my dream, but I didn’t get here overnight. 6 years ago I was binge working, up late, full of adrenaline. Living the corporate dream and it was going like gangbusters.

Time for a change.

My education includes anatomy, physiology, reflexology, cognitive/behavioral therapy, coaching and nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This informs my holistic approach to life happiness and that’s why This Great Life gets the results it does, for each person.

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Profile Image of Aidan O'Rourke

Aidan O'Rourke

Photographer, Writer, Linguist

I am a multitalented teacher, linguist, writer, photographer. I am a teacher and tutor working in education, and as a home tutor. I teach German, French and EFL. I also run photography workshops and walks. I am a linguist - with a BA/MA degree in Modern Languages from Trinity College, writer and contributor to books and websites, occasional musician and filmmaker, currently working on an ambitious fiction project to be launched soon.

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Profile Image of Hannah Ellis

Hannah Ellis

Actor, Writer, Vegan

Hannah is an actor and writer living in Manchester, UK. As well as all things theatre, Hannah’s passionate about animal rights, travelling (home to Australia when possible!) and making incredible plant-friendly meals. In her spare time, she sneaks off to spread the vegan message on her website. Hannah has been a healthy, happy vegan for over three years.

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Profile Image of Mugabi Turya

Mugabi Turya


Mugabi is a Trainee Producer with the BBC, who has also worked with community radio and arts groups across Manchester producing podcasts, radio shows and putting on events. Manchester has been his home for nearly 20 years and here are his tips on some of the city’s hidden gems.

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Profile Image of Bonnie Yeung

Bonnie Yeung

Restaurant Owner

Bonnie is the third generation of the Yeung family, who are behind the Manchester institution Yang Sing. She’s a dedicated champion of the city’s culinary offerings and a serious foodie. She is a passionate Sino-Mancunian, proud to have a cross-cultural heritage and is also an enthusiastic advocate of Manchester’s Chinatown.

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Profile Image of BREAD Art Collective


Art Collective

We are a collective of artists based in the North West of England. We think big. We’re inspired by spaces, the public realm and the humour of creating the unexpected and seemingly impossible. We develop and deliver exciting and ambitious projects in collaboration with funders, partners and participants.

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Profile Image of Manjunaga Yoga

Manjunaga Yoga

Yoga Teacher

I teach dynamic, Yang flowing movement through a combination of circular and spiral patterns as well as Yin style practice, focusing on restorative and deepening meditative practices, I have been practicing Buddhism for over 20 years, When not teaching yoga I also love tea & cake, record shops, collecting 1960’s psychedelic posters.

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Profile Image of Jobe Ferguson

Jobe Ferguson

Restaurant Owner

My career within Manchester’s restaurant and bar scene began when I opened Manchester’s number one independent restaurant, TNQ Restaurant & Bar (2004), and won Best Newcomer in Manchester Metro. I also co-own Black Dog Ballroom, Black Dog Ballroom NWS, Liar’s Club and brand new bowling alley Black Dog Bowl. Since opening TNQ Restaurant & Bar, I have enjoyed making my mark on the speakeasy scene in Manchester, winning awards for Black Dog Ballroom and expanding the concept across the city.

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Nightlife in City Center

Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly

Colorful and proud. The main draw in the City Center remains Manchester's Gay Village - despite the name, a straight-friendly place. This is the setting of Lammar's, one of the hottest places to be, for jazz lovers and not only. Stand up comedy is big in England, as you'll find out at the The Comedy Store. And romantics shouldn't miss the views from Cloud 23.

  1. Rainbow flags +Add

    Gay Village

    Bars, clubs and restaurants
  2. +Add

    Night & Day

    Manchester's Rock n Roller
  3. Gibson SG Guitar +Add

    42nd Street

    Indie club for Britpop music
  4. Microphone +Add

    The Comedy Store

    Laugh out loud, all night long
  5. +Add

    The Bay Horse

    A classic yet modern drinking experience
  6. Peveril of the Peak, Manchester +Add

    Peveril of the Peak

    Distinctive British pub
    Locals' Pick
  7. Cloud 23, Manchester (1) +Add

    Cloud 23

    Beetham Tower bar
    Locals' Pick
  8. Mr Thomas's Chop House (bagindgang) +Add

    Mr. Thomas' Chop House

    Britain's Best Pub
  9. Lammars +Add

    Lammars Restaurant & Bar

    A tribute to a drag queen
  10. MEN Arena, Manchester +Add

    MEN Arena

    Large concernt venue for big shows
  11. Bridgewater Hall +Add

    Bridgewater Hall

    Concert hall of Manchester
Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly. Stay.com editors pick great places in all the cities featured on Stay.com, so you get a head start on your city exploring. Get inspired, and start creating your own travel guide!