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Spain's golden coast

Marbella used to be a small agricultural town on the Costa del Sol, and today it is one of Spain’s most cosmopolitan beach resorts. Over 26 kilometers of clean beaches and the beautiful mountain sceneries of the Sierra Blanca make Marbella an ideal travel destination for the whole family. There’s a lot to do for nature lovers: catamaran cruises, scuba diving, mountain biking, fishing, and golfing. Shopping is easy in the city’s designer shops, exclusive jewelers, and trendy boutiques. Cuisine is exquisite, as Marbella boasts two establishments with a Michelin Star, and is famous for its fresh fish and seafood gastronomy.

Basílica Paleocristiana de Vega del MarIkusitaikasi / CC BY-SA 4.0

Basílica de Vega del Mar

Basílica de Vega del Mar

Famous Paleo-Christian church, built by the Visigoths

Paleo-Christian church, built by the Visigoths Editors' Note

Basílica de Vega del Mar is a stunning example of North African Visigothic architecture. The church was built in the 4th century, near the mouth of the Guadalmina River. This is one of the few remaining ruins of the Byzantine domination of Southern Spain.

The ruins of the Basílica de Vega del Mar are the only surviving example of this type in Europe. Not far from the basilica you can find a necropolis with many archaeological pieces that prove the presence of ancient cultures in the region.

Basílica de Vega del Mar
calle los Eucaliptos, 29670 Marbella
+34 95 278 1360