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Mexico City is home to Centro Historico, which boasts numerous historic colonial landmarks, and the famous Aztec Templo Mayor. Continue with Chapultepec, which is one of the biggest urban parks in the world, complete with the city zoo, a castle, outdoor recreation opportunities, museums and an amusement park. Coyoacán is famous for counter-culture and art, and go to Condesa and Roma for the city’s trendiest restaurants, bistros, clubs, pubs and shops. Last, but not least, there’s Xochimilco with its waterways and flower gardens dating back to Aztec times.

Museo fuego nuevoTrisya73 / CC BY 3.0

Museo del Fuego Nuevo

Museo del Fuego Nuevo

Museum of the New Fire

Museum of the New Fire Editors' Note

The name Museo del Fuego Nuevo was derived from a ritual conducted on Cerro del Huizache, which is now known as the Cerro de la Estrella, before the Spaniards arrived in the country and was a very significant ceremony for the natives in the land.

Museo del Fuego Nuevo showcases an extensive collection of figurines, stamps, musical instruments, arrowheads, ceremonial pots and scrapers among others which totals to more than 500 items. The museum is divided into two environments with the first one being the exhibition room and the other one being the archaeological and ecological section.

Museo del Fuego Nuevo was only inaugurated in January of 1998. This museum is also home to the Fuego Nuevo Pyramid which can be climbed using the steps on the side. This museum is one of the most remarkable historical and cultural museums in the country.

Museo del Fuego Nuevo
Carretera Escénica al Cerro de la Estrella Km. 2,, 09856 Mexico City
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