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Miami is truly the Magic City

Miami is a sometimes sandy, often surreal fusion of cultures, cocktails, and characters. More than just a beach town, it’s a city on the verge, where construction cranes compete with palm trees, and where multicultural city-slickers and jet-setters mix with pre-Castro Cubans to the tune of a Samba-soaked deep house remix. The result is as uniquely Miami as the neon-hued art deco relics standing proudly next to the burgeoning billion dollar Jetsons-esque architecture, and it’s all shaping this city’s future.

Everglades Hummer Adventures

Everglades Hummer Adventures

Exploration in style

Exploration in style Editors' Note

Everglades Hummer Adventures is an experience of a lifetime. Take your family aboard a Hummer H2, accompanied by a professional guide, for an excursion deep into the Florida Everglades. Explore the one of the world’s marvels strictly off road, you and never think of the park the same way again.

Best of all, the adventure is air conditioned. With heat what it is in the swamps of South Florida, this is the only way to see the flora and fauna of this great attraction up close and personal, without overheating. Special excursions available, and check for events too.

Everglades Hummer Adventures
10355 SW 109 Road, 33176 Miami
Call or consult website for vaious tours and hours