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Miami is truly the Magic City

Miami is a sometimes sandy, often surreal fusion of cultures, cocktails, and characters. More than just a beach town, it’s a city on the verge, where construction cranes compete with palm trees, and where multicultural city-slickers and jet-setters mix with pre-Castro Cubans to the tune of a Samba-soaked deep house remix. The result is as uniquely Miami as the neon-hued art deco relics standing proudly next to the burgeoning billion dollar Jetsons-esque architecture, and it’s all shaping this city’s future.

Un petit voyageBob Peterson / CC BY-SA 2.0

Blue Moon Outdoor Center

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Blue Moon Outdoor Center

For the outdoor type in you

Stay Editor's Note

Blue Moon Outdoor Center handles everything anyone needs where Kayaking, canoing, mountain biking, and hiking South Florida’s great outdoors is concerned. Mangrove trails on bike, to kayaking for beginners, this is the place for outdoors fun in Miami. Large groups are welcome too.

Self guide or guided eco-adventures are offered by the company, and there is room for the fisherman here too. Located inside South Florida’s fabulous Oleta River State Park, this company is a favorite for the outdoor type local or tourist.

Blue Moon Outdoor Center
3400 NE 163rd Street, Oleta River State Park North Miami, 33160 Miami
(305) 957-3040
9 AM to 5:15 PM daily