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Miami is truly the Magic City

Miami is a sometimes sandy, often surreal fusion of cultures, cocktails, and characters. More than just a beach town, it’s a city on the verge, where construction cranes compete with palm trees, and where multicultural city-slickers and jet-setters mix with pre-Castro Cubans to the tune of a Samba-soaked deep house remix. The result is as uniquely Miami as the neon-hued art deco relics standing proudly next to the burgeoning billion dollar Jetsons-esque architecture, and it’s all shaping this city’s future.

Ben Aboard Jet SkiJennifer Morrow / CC BY 2.0

Jet Ski Tours

Jet Ski Tours

Jet ski your way around the beaches and Miami

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Jet ski your way around the beaches and Miami Editors' Note

Jet Ski Tours offers a very unique tour of Miami. guest ride Yamaha wave runners on a journey to six of the famous Islands around the city. Catch a glimpse of dolphins playing or a peaceful manatee resting, or maybe a celebrity sun bathing behind their waterfront mansion? This is a fun and flexible way to see the sights of Miami and the beaches.

The company provides all the equipment you will need for the trip, but other values and special tours are available too. Rentals to tips on riding, boat and snorkeling events, this group has one of the best and most fun services in the Miami Beach area. Please call for more details and special pricing.

Jet Ski Tours
1661 James Avenue Miami Beach, 33139 Miami
Daily, hours vary depending on schedule, please inquire