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Powerhouse of Italy

It’s said that Milan is not like the rest of Italy, and it’s certainly true that the fashion and industrial capital of the country isn’t overflowing with treasures like Florence or Rome. Milan’s magnificent cathedral and Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper are just two of its wonders that any city could be proud of and as for not being very ‘Italian’ – well, grab a lunchtime table at a popular local trattoria and find out.

Rosso RelativoLuca Volpi / CC BY-SA 2.0

Bar Brera

Bar Brera

A great little bar to kick back at

A great little bar to kick back at Editors' Note

Bar Brera is a hidden gems of a bar like every tourist loves to find. This very chic and quiet one is situated in a very narrow street in Brera. Futuristic in design, the bar offers special deals on cocktails compared to some of its competitors too. Beware though, weekends tend to be rather dull here.

The bar is casual but lively during the week as mentioned, but the local crowd tends to migrate to more glittery places at the end of the work week. For casual socializing though, this is a great spot to kick back any time.

Bar Brera
Via Brera, 23, 20121 Milan
02 877091
Noon to 2 AM most days