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Powerhouse of Italy

It’s said that Milan is not like the rest of Italy, and it’s certainly true that the fashion and industrial capital of the country isn’t overflowing with treasures like Florence or Rome. Milan’s magnificent cathedral and Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper are just two of its wonders that any city could be proud of and as for not being very ‘Italian’ – well, grab a lunchtime table at a popular local trattoria and find out.

coffeeTimm Schoof / CC BY-SA 2.0

Nordest Caffè

Nordest Caffè

A neigborhood drinking and lunching spot

A neigborhood drinking and lunching spot Editors' Note

Nordest Caffè is basically a daytime drinking den for the local crowd, but a nice tasting menu helps dilute the wine and spirits here too. A relaxing spot where everyone seems to enjoy the world passing by, this is as good a spot as any for a carefree lunch or to spend the day for that matter.

The bar and cafe are also open in the evenings for the same sort of casual relaxation, but something about the sunlight and midday atmosphere make this place speak to patrons. Regardless of when you drop in, the service and quality of wines and food are still the same.

Nordest Caffè
Via Borsieri 35, 20159 Milan
8am-4pm Mon; 8am-1am Tue-Fri; 8.30am-midnight Sat; 8.30am-10pm Sun. Brunch noon-3.30pm Sun.