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Profile Image of Aimee Lagos

Aimee Lagos

Co-founder of Hygge & West

I’m the co-founder of Hygge & West, a brand founded upon the Danish concept of hygge that loosely translates to cozy, but means so much more. All of life’s small but wonderful moments can be described as hygge – curling up by the fireplace with a great book, long informal dinners with close friends, goodnight hugs with your children. We hope that our products help bring more hygge into our customers’ homes – creating a cozy, beautiful environment where small, everyday moments can be enjoyed.

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Profile Image of Adora Tokyo

Adora Tokyo


DJ Adora TOKYO was raised between Saint Paul, MN and Atlanta, GA. Yet, as a global citizen, her sets are not defined by geography, decade or genre. She has been spinning professionally for three years and is widely recognized for her ever-evolving style and fresh sound. A cultural influencer, inviting us to dream in song, love in motion and celebrate life together through her spins.

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Profile Image of Laura Alpizar

Laura Alpizar


Hello! I’m Laura, a Minneapolis-based wedding photographer fueled by cookies and love stories. I am most passionate about creating. I have been a photographer for ten years now, transitioning from conceptual art to specializing in weddings. Photography has taken me on amazing trips, travels, and I have met wonderful people.

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Profile Image of Becca  Dilley

Becca Dilley


I’m a food lover and wedding photographer and a generally happy person. Enjoying life the Upper Midwest.

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Profile Image of Gina Moorhead

Gina Marie

Fashion Designer

I founded Gina Marie, a Minnesota-based, family-run women’s apparel and accessories company that makes tailor-made goods. I run on coffee, and run around Minneapolis in my Volvo.

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Profile Image of Alta Keller

Alta & Jesse Keller


Coffee is not just a drink, it’s an experience. There’s just nothing like being at your favorite Minneapolis coffee shop, sipping on a palette pleasing latte that was carefully handcrafted by a seasoned barista. THAT feeling is the inspiration behind Coffee Cart MPLS. We bring the coffee culture of the Twin Cities to your special event. Each drink we serve is made with locally roasted espresso and careful attention to every delicious detail.

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Profile Image of Jennifer Mannhardt

Jennifer Mannhardt

Graphic Designer

Jennifer Mannhardt is a graphic designer and self-proclaimed nerd living in the Twin Cities. A lover of books, typography, Van Gogh, animals, and mountains, Jennifer draws inspiration from all aspects of life. You can keep up with her shenanigans and thoughts at keepingmyheartalive.tumblr.com and her work at jenn-mann.com.

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Profile Image of Circa Gallery

CIRCA Gallery

Art Gallery

CIRCA Gallery’s mission is to provide awareness, education and appreciation for a variety of contemporary art styles, mediums and expression. We strive to provide exceptional, well-informed service to our clients, whether they are just beginning or are continuing to build their fine art collection.

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Profile Image of Nicole Navratil

Nicole Navratil

Musician and Vegetarian Food Blogger

Nicole Navratil is a Minneapolis-based musician who sings with Sonic Love Child, a folk and Americana band. She also writes a vegetarian food blog called Pepperoni Is Not a Vegetable.

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Profile Image of Anne Marie Rapp

Anne Marie Rapp

Yogi and Health Food Enthusiast

Anne is an active yogi who aspires to find balance in every aspect of her life. When she’s not on her mat, she enjoys going to concerts, cooking up a healthy meal and spending time biking the endless trails of Minneapolis.

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Profile Image of Brandon Quittem

Brandon Quittem

Traveler and Beer Advocate

Former corporate sales rep turned nomadic entrepreneurial yogi. Street food ninja, avid outdoorsman, craft beer geek, and live music junkie. Co-founder of The Yoga Nomads.

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Profile Image of Kristin  Hamaker

Kristin Hamaker

Personal Chef

Real food advocate, Kristin Hamaker, has been happily running Farm to Fork, her busy personal chef service in the Twin Cities, since 2005. She and her staff of chefs prepare and store meals for folks in their homes, offer cooking instruction, do small-scale catering, and in general, connect local people to local food.

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Profile Image of Robin Asbell

Robin Asbell

Chef, Author

Robin Asbell is the author of six books about cooking with whole, natural foods. Asbell has many years of experience creating fabulous food in restaurants, and in the homes of private clients. Specializing in natural, healthy food, she works with special diets of all kinds, from gluten free to omnivorous, vegan to over-the top decadent.

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Profile Image of Vivian Aronson

Vivian Aronson

Fashion Designer & Master Artist

The label YQY stands for Yuan Qian Yi, designer Vivian Aronson’s Chinese name. YQY is a true reflection of Vivian, who grew up in Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan Province and moved to the Twin Cities in 2005. Vivian explains that much of her inspiration comes from her culture. Her collection features fine fabrics, construction and design that allow the wearer’s personality to shine through. Simply cut, Vivian clothes make you smile.

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Shop Like the Locals in Minneapolis

Shop Like the Locals in Minneapolis

Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly

A Midwest shopping extravaganza. If there's one thing Minneapolis has a wealth of, it's places to find quality bargains. Following the locals to places like St. Anthony Main, Calhoun Square, and the Midtown Global Market will certainly ensure the visitor of a chance at a bargain. Don't be misled though, Minneapolis has its share of upscale shopping too. Places like Galleria and Heimie's Haberdashery, show off the luxury side of the city's retail establishments.

  1. shop window +Add

    Albertville Premium Outlets

    Bargain shopping awaits
  2. Galleria +Add


    Shops of distinction
  3. minneapolis farmer's market +Add

    Minneapolis Farmers Market

    Farm fresh goods
  4. Wild Rumpus +Add

    Wild Rumpus

    A bookstore with imagination
  5. 4/365: One Hundred Forty Seven +Add

    Opitz Outlet

    For deal-seaking fashionistas
  6. General Store +Add

    General Store of Minnetonka

    Minnesota gifts and goods
  7. Menswear display at Heimie's Haberdashery +Add

    Heimie's Haberdashery

    A spa-like shop for men
  8. At the St. Paul Farmer's market +Add

    St. Paul Farmers' Market

    100% Locally Grown
    Locals' Pick
  9. Woodbury Park Lake +Add

    Woodbury Lakes

    An eastern suburb high-end mall
  10. Shoppes at Arbor Lakes (And M&I Bank) +Add

    The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes

    The new Main Street shopping experience
  11. DSC03207 +Add

    Mall of America

    Hollywood of the Midwest
  12. Gaviidae Common @ Night +Add

    Gaviidae Common

    Minneapolis' upscale downtown shopping district
  13. IMG_0247 +Add

    Mercado Central

    An indoor Latino market
  14. Midtown Global Market +Add

    Midtown Global Market

    A fun and funky international public market
  15. St. Anthony Main at night +Add

    St. Anthony Main

    Host to the Minneapolis Riverfront District
  16. 228/365: Third Time's The Charm +Add

    Calhoun Square

    An urban mall in the heart of Uptown
Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

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