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Although it is the largest city in Europe, Russia’s capital is best explored on foot and through its metro maze. Moscow boasts of impressive architecture, art galleries, museums, churches and cathedrals, and numerous parks and gardens. It’s a great place to go ice skating in the winter, or to experience the banya therapy (hot steam bath, followed by a whipping with birch branches) that made the Russian bath houses famous. Two circuses, a puppet theater, water parks, and many other attractions make Moscow ideal for a family trip as well.

Shilov Art GalleryCC BY-SA 3.0

Shilov Art Gallery

Shilov Art Gallery

Famous Communist Russia's most famous artist

Communist Russia's most famous artist Editors' Note

The Shilov Art Gallery pays homage to Alexander Shilove, one of the most famous Russian painters in the world. He specializes in portrait paintings which resemble real-life photos. In 1976, he became part of the Union of Artists of the USSR and he later became the People’s Artist of the USSR.

The Shilov Art Gallery opened in 1997 with the help of Yuriy Luzhkov, and exclusively only contains the work of Alexander Shilov.

There are hundreds of paintings at this gallery for you to enjoy. The gallery is located in one of the most historic parts of Moscow. Shilov Art Gallery is easy to get to via the Biblioteka Imeni Lenina, Borovitskaia train.

Shilov Art Gallery
5 Utitsa Znamenka 119, Moscow
+7 495 203 4208
10am to 7.30pm