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Although it is the largest city in Europe, Russia’s capital is best explored on foot and through its metro maze. Moscow boasts of impressive architecture, art galleries, museums, churches and cathedrals, and numerous parks and gardens. It’s a great place to go ice skating in the winter, or to experience the banya therapy (hot steam bath, followed by a whipping with birch branches) that made the Russian bath houses famous. Two circuses, a puppet theater, water parks, and many other attractions make Moscow ideal for a family trip as well.

Attractions in Moscow

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  • Basmanny
  • Khamovniki
  • Kremlin
  • Presnensky
  • Tverskoy
  • Yakimanka
  • Zamoskvorechye


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  • Castle
    IMG_7675 +Add

    Extreme Family

    Adrenaline-filled experiences
    TaganskyPark +Add

    Tagansky Park

    Pinocchio-inspired playground
    sled dog +Add

    Eco Husky Park Sokolniki

    An exciting experience for all ages
    ski +Add

    Lisya Gora

    A beautiful ski resort
    bottlenose dolphin +Add


    The largest center of oceanography and marine biology in Europe
    Arbat Street +Add

    Arbat Street

    Romantic pedestrian street
    Grand-Palace-in-Tsaritsyno-Moscow +Add

    Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve

    Beautiful parks and gardens, and a historic palace complex
    Moscow 09-13 img11 Tretyakovsky Passage +Add

    Tretyakovsky Proyezd

    Popular luxury shopping destination
    Locals' Pick
    Uploaded by Sien Chi +Add


    Flamboyant metro station
    Mayakovskaya +Add


    Landmark metro station on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line
    Elektrozavodskaya +Add


    Spectacular metro station
     Prospekt Mira +Add

    Prospekt Mira

    A metro station with many works of art
     Arbatskaya +Add


    The second largest metro station in Moscow
     Novoslobodskaya +Add


    Metro station, famous for its stained glass panels
    Komsomolskaya +Add


    The most beautiful metro station in Moscow
    Sokol +Add


    Beautiful metro station on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line
    Troparyovo +Add


    Metro station with outstanding architecture
    Frunzenskaya +Add


    Beautiful metro station
    Kropotkinskaya +Add


    Metro station on the Sokolnicheskaya Line
    Biblioteka Imeni Lenina +Add

    Biblioteka Imeni Lenina

    Metro station near the Russian State Library
    Okhotnyy Ryad +Add

    Okhotnyy Ryad

    Metro station near the Kremlin
    Krasnye Vorota +Add

    Krasnye Vorota

    Outstanding Metro Station in the Krasnoselsky District
    Luzhniki Stadium +Add

    Luzhniki Stadium

    Home of Russia's national team
    moscow river locks _20100528_0414 +Add

    Flotilla Radisson Royal Cruise

    Boat cruise down the
    Locals' Pick
     Ostozhenka Street +Add

    Ostozhenka Street

    Street with spectacular architecture
    Locals' Pick
    Komsomol'skaya +Add


    Step inside and admire the fabulous decor
    Locals' Pick
    Cathedral of Christ the Saviour +Add

    Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

    The tallest Orthodox church in the world
    Locals' Pick
    The victory monument +Add

    Victory Park

    World War Two victory park
    Church of the Archangel Gabriel, 2010 05 +Add

    Church of the Archangel Gabriel

    ancient orthodox church
    The Moscow Manege +Add


    Historic exhibition halls
    Church of the Intercession in Fili +Add

    Church of the Intercession in Fili

    Russia's most cultural church
    Ascension church in Kolomenskoye, Moscow +Add

    Church of the Ascension

    Historic church of Ivan the Terrible
    Kybele Cafe +Add

    Red Chambers

    Imperial russian cultural center
    Wiki Tverskoy boulevard 18 +Add

    Chabad Lubavich Synagogue

    Jewish synagogue in Moscow
    St. Mercurios Killing King Oleonus (St. Mercurios Killing Emperor Julian the Apostate) +Add

    Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God

    Lavishly decorated church building
    Andronikov Monastery (2) +Add

    Andronikov Monastery

    Famous monastery home of Andrei Rublev
    Moscow Grand Mosque +Add

    Moscow Grand Mosque

    The central mosque in Russia
    Church of Saint Tatiana, Mokhovaya st. 01 by shakko (February, 2013) +Add

    Church of St. Tatiana

    Church of the revered Saint Tatiana
    Dew +Add

    Bitsevskii Wood

    Stunning natural parkland
    Church of the Great Ascension +Add

    Church of the Great Ascension

    Moscow's most famous church
    Church of Resurrection of Christ. Peredelkino, Moscow region, Russia +Add

    Armenian Apostolic Church of the Resurrection

    Strikingly beautiful Armenian church
    Kremlin Wall and Trinity Gate Moscow Russia +Add

    Trinity Gate

    Imposing fortress gates
    Official buildings +Add

    Supreme Soviet

    Secretive government building
    Timiryazev Academy Park 1 +Add

    Timiriazevskii Park

    Lush parks and botanical gardens
    Trumpy Motor Yacht +Add

    Admiral Sea Club

    Lakeside Beach Resort
    RIAN archive 823888 Exhibition PolygraphInter-2000 +Add

    Sokolniki Culture & Exhibition Centre

    International business convention center
    Moscow, Archangel Michael church (1) +Add

    Church of Archangel Michael

    Charming Orthodox church
    Moscow, Ostozhenka 19,21 +Add

    Church of the Conception of St Anne

    Ancient stone church
    Moscow, Bolshaya Polyanka St.Grigory closeup +Add

    Church of St. Grigorii of Neocaesarea

    Revered historical church
    Moscow, Khokhlovsky 1 +Add

    Church of St Vladimir in the Old Gardens

    Famous old Moscow church
    Ансамбль церкви Воскресения Словущего +Add

    Church of the Resurrection of Christ

    Architectural wonder
    Church of the Holy Trinity, Moscow +Add

    Church of the Trinity

    400-year old Russian church
    Cathedral of the Archangel in Moscow 06 by shakko +Add

    Faceted Palace

    Ivan III's palace
    Exhibition +Add

    Solntsevo State Exhibition Hall

    Art and culture exhibitions
     Moscow Choral Synagogue +Add

    Moscow Choral Synagogue

    Heart of Moscow's Jewish community
    Church of St John the Warrior, Moscow +Add

    Church of St John the Warrior

    Historical Moscow church
    Pomorskaya Old Believers Commune of Moscow +Add

    Pomorskaya Old Believers Commune of Moscow

    Russian orthodox commune
    Tsar Cannon +Add

    Tsar Cannon

    One of the biggest cannons ever made
    Upper Monastery of St. Peter +Add

    Upper Monastery of St. Peter

    Monastery of St. Peter
    Moscow St Varvara Church +Add

    Church of St Barbara

    One of Russia's oldest stone churches
    Ограда с воротами (Староваганьковский переулок, Москва) 04 +Add

    Church of Llia the Prophet Obydennyi

    Delightful old church in Moscow
    Lascar Fernsehturm (Television tower) (4471645489) +Add

    Ostankino Television Tower

    4th largest tower in the world!
    The Assumption Cathedral, Kremlin, Moscow +Add

    Cathedral of the Assumption

    500 year old magnificent cathedral
    Olimpiiskii Stadion +Add

    Olimpiiskii Stadion

    Moscow's Olympic stadium
    Uploaded by Sergey +Add

    Lenin’s Mausoleum

    The tomb of communism's founding father
    Botanical Garden, Moscow +Add

    Botanical Gardens

    Lush botanical gardens
    Flamingos in Moscow Zoo +Add

    Moscow Zoo

    Discover Moscow's wild side at the Moscow Zoo!
    Park in Moscow. January +Add

    Izmailovo Park

    Moscow's oldest public park
    RussiaB_2855 - Kutafia Tower +Add

    Kutafia Tower

    Ancient defensive tower
    Botanical Garden, Moscow +Add

    Medicinal Botanical Gardens

    Unusual plant species in this amazing botanical gardens!
    Alexander Gardens +Add

    Alexander Gardens

    Beautiful recreational park
    Locals' Pick
    Kolomenskoe +Add


    A historic cultural experience
    Monaco-002577 - Aspe +Add

    Roman Catholic Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

    Immaculate Neo-Gothic church
    Seven Sisters - The apartment building on Kotyelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow. +Add

    Seven Sisters

    Soviet era skyscrapers
    Arkhangelskoe-2006-1 +Add


    Moscow's most scenic attraction
    Tsar Bell +Add

    Tsar Bell

    The biggest bell in the world
    St. Basil’s Cathedral +Add

    St. Basil’s Cathedral

    World renowned religious monument
    Uploaded by Jan +Add

    Red Square

    The world's most famous square
    Locals' Pick
    Huge Sculpture +Add

    Peter the Great Monument

    Monument to Russia's greatest king
    The Kremlin +Add

    The Kremlin

    The heart of Moscow
    W DSC1266 +Add

    Poteshnyi Palace

    A monument of civilian architecture
    Memorial Church of George the Victor +Add

    Memorial Church of George the Victor

    Great Patriotic War Memorial
    Moscow, Lyalin 8k2 detail (1) +Add

    Church of the Presentation in Barashki

    Ancient Russian orthodox church
    Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery +Add

    Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery

    The most famous cemetery in Moscow
    Great Kremlin Palace +Add

    Great Kremlin Palace

    State ceremonial palace