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Mumbai, the city of dreams

For $1 vegetarian meals and cutting-edge contemporary Japanese cuisine. For colonial mansions, 27-storey family homes, and miles of matchbox apartments. For morning ragas and after-hours rock and roll. For performances that start late and bars that shut early. For milky chai and gourmet coffee. For train tracks and Bollywood soundtracks. For villages within a metropolis. For outsiders with inside information. For its surrounding 18 million people. No place on earth is quite like Mumbai.

Horse and Carriage Ride

Horse and Carriage Ride

The best way to see south Mumbai

The best way to see south Mumbai Editors' Note

Dozens of victorias (quaint, elaborately-decorated horse-drawn carriages) hang around the Gateway of India at dusk offering half-hour Horse and Carriage Rides for as many as six people at a time.

Horse and Carriage Rides are a great way to see the city; the weather’s cool, the ride leisurely and the view of the illuminated city stunning. Most horse and carriage rides will take you through Fort, Nariman Point and Colaba before depositing you back at the Gateway.

Horse and Carriage Ride
Carriages can be hailed anywhere along Ramchandani Marg, 400 005 Mumbai
7-10pm daily Oct-May