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The most Italian of cities

Conjure up any image of Italy, and you can find it in Naples, arguably the most Italian of cities. Pizza, sunshine, scooters, football, and some of the world’s greatest art, all in the shadow of Vesuvius, mainland Europe’s only active volcano. Settled by the Greeks around 470 BC, the city has had an often troubled past, and the present is not without its troubles either – however, the infamous rubbish problems have been resolved, crime figures are down, and tourism is on the up.

Attractions in Naples

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  • Capodimonte
  • Centro Storico
  • Posillipo
  • San Ferdinando
  • St. Helena
  • Stazione Centrale
  • Vomero


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    Villa Poppaea +Add

    Villa Poppaea

    Roman seaside villa
    Ercolano +Add


    Starting point for excursions to Herculaneum
     Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio +Add

    Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio

    National reserve around Mount Vesuvius
    Locals' Pick
    Pozzuoli (NA), 2014, Vulcano Solfatara. +Add

    Vulcano Solfatara

    Popular camping area
    Capri  train +Add


    Popular tourist destination for both Italians and foreigners
    Pompeii +Add


    UNESCO World Heritage Site, the most famous archaeological site in ...
    Uploaded by Sara +Add


    A rich and elegant city, not far from Napoli
    Galleria Principe di Napoli +Add

    Galleria Principe di Napoli

    Boasting a masterful combination of modern and traditional ...
    Naples - WP_20131224_15_05_48_Pro +Add


    Walking by the sea
    BasilicaSanPaoloM +Add

    Basilica Di San Paolo Maggiore

    Hosting one of the most beautiful baroque chapels in Naples
    Sant'Angelo a Nilo +Add

    Church of Sant'Angelo a Nilo

    A church named after a pagan god
    Napoli-2012 by-RaBoe 229 +Add

    Via Kerbaker

    A street of culinary delights
    La via +Add

    La Sanità

    The infamous Old Town Quarter
    Napoli - Piazza Vanvitelli +Add

    Piazza Vanvitelli

    The heart of Vomero
    Uploaded by Kirsti +Add

    Piazza San Domenico Maggiore

    Historic site in Centro Storico
    Naples_2014 05 22_0499 +Add

    Piazza del Plebiscito

    The largest square in Naples
    Parco Vergiliano +Add

    Parco Vergiliano

    The resting place of Publius Vergilius Maro
    PortonePignatelliNaples +Add

    Palazzo Pignatelli di Monteleone

    The palace where Edgar Degas lived in for a few years
    Cortile Marigl +Add

    Palazzo Marigliano

    With a beautiful Neapolitan Renaissance facade
    Napoli sotterranea (proscenio) +Add

    Nero's Theater

    Where Nero made his artistic debut
    mt. Somma - ND0_4613 +Add

    Mount Somma

    The secondary cone of the Vesuvius
    Napoli - Monteoliveto +Add


    Beautiful piazza with a historic fountain
    Naples, fourth time around  34 +Add

    Fontanelle Cemetery

    Interesting, bizarre and unusual
    Der klare Durchblick +Add

    Campi Flegrei (Fiery Fields)

    The Phlegraean Fields
    octopus in the shell +Add

    Anton Dohrn Aquarium (Acquario)

    The aquarium and marine research laboratory at Naples
    tufo biondo e friabile +Add


    Modern residential zone with a rural past
    Uploaded by Kirsti +Add

    Via dei Tribunali

    One of the ancient streets of the city
    Bella Napoli 49 +Add


    Naples’ ancient streets
    Locals' Pick
    Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo +Add

    Gesu Nuovo Church

    The Church of New Jesus
    Napoli8.JPG +Add

    Via Chiaia

    Historic Neapolitan street
    Piazza IV Novembre +Add

    Centro Storico

    Since 1995 a World Heritage Site
    Amphitheatre (Capua) +Add

    Amphitheatre (Capua)

    The second biggest amphitheatre of the Roman world
    quartieri spagnoli +Add

    Quartieri Spagnoli

    The Spanish Quarters
    Grass +Add

    Agriturismo Tirone

    Family friendly farm in Chiaiano
    Castel Sant'Elmo-Napoli-2012 by-RaBoe 003 +Add

    Castel Sant'Elmo

    One of the greatest views in Naples
    Vesuvius Crater 1 +Add

    Mount Vesuvius

    One of the worlds most studied volcanoes
    Piazza Bellini +Add

    Piazza Bellini

    A popular piazza, for dining and shopping in historical Naples
    Spaccanopoli +Add


    An authentic neighborhood capturing the essence of Naples
    catacombe di san gennaro +Add

    Catacombe di San Gennaro (St. Januarius)

    The most popular catacombs in Southern Italy
    Chiesa del Gesu Nuovo, Naples +Add

    Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo

    Jesuit Church of New Jesus
    Basilica di Santa Chiara #napoli +Add

    Santa Chiara

    A quiet haven in the midst of the mayhem
    Napoli - Complesso di San Lorenzo Maggiore +Add

    San Lorenzo Maggiore

    Old, older and oldest
    Uploaded by Kirsti +Add


    Living history and tradition
    Locals' Pick
    Myrtle the Turtle +Add


    Naples' Life Aquatic
    Napoli - Pio Monte della Misericordia +Add

    Pio Monte della Misericordia

    Home of Caravaggio's masterpiece
    Locals' Pick
    Naples +Add

    Castel Nuovo

    Also known as the Maschio Angioino
    Locals' Pick
    Duomo of Naples +Add


    Dedicated to the city’s patron, St. Januarius
    Locals' Pick
    Cristo velato +Add

    Cappella Sansevero

    Home of "The Veiled Christ"
    Locals' Pick
    Napoli Sotterranea +Add

    Napoli Sotterranea

    Tour the underground tunnels of Naples
    Locals' Pick
    Napoli - Palazzo Reale +Add

    Palazzo Reale

    Displaying artwork from the 17th century to modern day
    Locals' Pick
    Castel dell'Ovo +Add

    Castel dell'Ovo

    A peaceful spot to enjoy the view
    Locals' Pick
    Napoli - Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte +Add


    The first observatory in Italy
    Galleria Umberto I Napels +Add

    Galleria Umberto

    A nice escape on a rainy day