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The most Italian of cities

Conjure up any image of Italy, and you can find it in Naples, arguably the most Italian of cities. Pizza, sunshine, scooters, football, and some of the world’s greatest art, all in the shadow of Vesuvius, mainland Europe’s only active volcano. Settled by the Greeks around 470 BC, the city has had an often troubled past, and the present is not without its troubles either – however, the infamous rubbish problems have been resolved, crime figures are down, and tourism is on the up.

PompeiiCC BY-SA 3.0
PompeiiCC BY-SA 3.0
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Famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the most famous archaeological site in Italy

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UNESCO World Heritage Site, the most famous archaeological site in Italy Editors' Note

The rich and beautiful Pompeii was destroyed in 79 AD being completely buried under ash and pumice during a long catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius. Today, on location, you can visit Italy’s most famous archaeological site, with approximately 2,500,000 visitors every year.

Pompeii has been a popular tourist destination for over 250 years. It is part of the larger Vesuvius National Park and it is UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997

Pompeii, Napoli, 80045 Naples
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