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The most Italian of cities

Conjure up any image of Italy, and you can find it in Naples, arguably the most Italian of cities. Pizza, sunshine, scooters, football, and some of the world’s greatest art, all in the shadow of Vesuvius, mainland Europe’s only active volcano. Settled by the Greeks around 470 BC, the city has had an often troubled past, and the present is not without its troubles either – however, the infamous rubbish problems have been resolved, crime figures are down, and tourism is on the up.



Wasting time in the best possible way

Wasting time in the best possible way Editors' Note

A great name for a bar, Perditempo (‘wasting time’) was an instant hit when it opened in early 2008. By day a book and record shop (check out the vinyl downstairs), by night it’s a gathering place for the alternative set, who spill out onto one of the Centro Storico’s narrow streets.

The decor at Perditempo is akin to someone’s living room, with shelves stacked with books, a bar in one corner and a console playing suave sounds in another. There’s free wi-fi for those with laptops to waste time online.

Via San Pietro a Maiella, 8 Napoli, 80138 Naples
39 081 444958
Open 10am-midnight Tue-Sat; 4pm-10pm Mon; 7pm-10pm Sun