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Profile Image of Antonia Fiorenzano

Antonia Fiorenzano

Journalist and Radio Editor

I am a journalist, author and radio editor. I’ve collaborated with several newspapers, and have written for their cultural and cinema section. I work in the editorial staff of Radio Crc Targato Italia and their weekly show “Domenica Magazine”, a show about culture and entertainment. Since last year I’m the co-founder and editor in chief of Tarallucci & Vin, a fresh and unconventional web magazine about wine and food.

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Profile Image of Antonella Frezzetti

Antonella Frezzetti

Specialized Archaeologist

As a child I was looking for hidden treasures in my grandmother’s garden, today I’m an archaeologist, specialized in the Roman Empire and in Roman paintings. My job allows me to move along the Italian boot and fully live my passion for the past, the art and the natural beauties of my country.

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Profile Image of Massimo D'Alma

Massimo D'Alma

Pizza Expert

I love the combination of my two great passions; food and communications, and I that’s exactly what I do on my website Paladar.it. My friends say I’m a wine geek, but I consider myself a true pizza geek. I’m always trying new flour mixes and new recipes, and I love to use my own culinary fantasy or the suggestions from my trusted friends.

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Profile Image of Roberto Volpi

Roberto Volpi


A native of Naples, I design a local eyewear brand called Capri Gold. To have the best experience in Naples, it takes a mix of seeing archeology, walking along the beautiful coast, and eating amazing traditional food. I love to eat a real pizza Napoletana on the street made only by the best Napolitan masters.

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Profile Image of Dario Nitido

Dario Nitido

Airbnb Host

Dario is an Airbnb host, based in Naples, Italy. He’s an IT teacher by day and loves chatting with his guests from around the world and guiding them to the best places in and around Napoli.

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Profile Image of Anna Paola Vivaldi

Anna Paola Vivaldi

Makeup Artist

I’m a makeup artist from Naples.

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Profile Image of Tarallucci E Vin

Tarallucci e Vin

Young, hungry and thirsty!

Tarallucci e Vin is an online magazine for food and art enthusiasts. Our staff is a mixed group of young journalists and foodies with differents backgrounds and passions. It’s a great group of funny people who spend their time tasting delicious food and excellent wines. Our project started in November 2012 with a summer dream: creating a different way of talking about food, in a more simple, ironic and funnier way.

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