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The most Italian of cities

Conjure up any image of Italy, and you can find it in Naples, arguably the most Italian of cities. Pizza, sunshine, scooters, football, and some of the world’s greatest art, all in the shadow of Vesuvius, mainland Europe’s only active volcano. Settled by the Greeks around 470 BC, the city has had an often troubled past, and the present is not without its troubles either – however, the infamous rubbish problems have been resolved, crime figures are down, and tourism is on the up.

Shopping in Naples

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  • Capodimonte
  • Centro Storico
  • Posillipo
  • San Ferdinando
  • St. Helena
  • Stazione Centrale
  • Vomero


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    Black Gold Gioielli +Add

    Black Gold Gioielli

    True goldsmith's art
    Locals' Pick
    homeopathic +Add

    Farmacia D'Atri

    Homeopathic and galenic products
    Locals' Pick
    perfume +Add

    Profumeria di Anna Ramaglia

    A gem on Via Chiaia
    Locals' Pick
    jewelry +Add

    Lunaria Gioielli

    Designer jewelry store
    Photo Jewelry +Add


    jewelry +Add

    Leonardo Gaito

    Historic jewellery store
    perfume +Add

    Marsella Gioielleria

    Gold and silver jewelry in the center of Naples
    leather +Add


    A bag with history
    Another clever word sets off an unsuspecting herd. +Add

    Idem Bags.

    Leather goods and luggage shop
    shoes +Add

    Spatarella Vomero

    Footwear fashion
    fashion +Add


    Vintage boutique
    magnolias +Add

    Nenton Vintage

    High value vintage fashion
    organizer +Add

    DADA vintage

    What our grandmothers used to wear
    fashion +Add


    Everything fashion for children
    shoes +Add


    Fun, creative, ethnic fashion
    Galleria Umberto I +Add

    Galleria Umberto I

    Architectural masterpiece, popular shopping gallery
    1950s ‘Bonny Beau’ pastel blue dress by Parfait Originals +Add

    Francesca Ferrante

    Sensual feminine fashion
    fashion +Add


    Neapolitan, hand-tailored men's fashion
    Clothing By Iris +Add


    Stylish fashion
    armani +Add


    The one, the only
    Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo, Firenze +Add


    Incomparable Ferragamo design
    Mountain Combat Boot (MCB) +Add


    A store with a long family tradition
    fish at Mercato Pignasecca +Add


    Hustle and bustle
    Pastorelli 2011 +Add

    San Gregorio Armeno

    Christmas all year round
    gay-odin +Add

    Gay Odin

    Enticing chocolates crafted right before your eyes
    @Feltrinelli - Reading - IMG_1556 +Add

    La Feltrinelli

    For the well-read music lover