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In 2005, Hurricane Katrina dealt the city a blow that called its very existence into question. In the midst of the agony of rebuilding the city there was a miracle – the New Orleans joie de vivre and genius for pleasure re-emerged intact. Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest were celebrated within months of the deluge. Backyard crawfish boils and second-line parades resumed as restaurants and clubs reopened. For New Orleanians, the whole point of being here is to enjoy life. And they invite you to join them.

Ulysses S. Grant MemorialDavid / CC BY 2.0

Washington Artillery Park

Washington Artillery Park

Oldest military unit in the US

Oldest military unit in the US Editors' Note

Formerly called Founders Park, the Washington Artillery Park honors the oldest military unit in the United States, the 141st Field Artillery of the Louisiana National Guard. Along with canons on display, visitors can enjoy its gardens, views and playgrounds.

If you’re in the mood for a relaxing stroll, enjoying the gardens, fountains, playgrounds and a unique view of the French Quarter, the Washington Artillery Park will provide the perfect experience. Add the mounted cannon on display, a copy of the very canon used in the Civil War, a small amphitheater for street performers, its carriages, streetcars and paddle-wheel boats passing by, and you get a must see park of Big Easy.

Washington Artillery Park
Decatur St, 70130 New Orleans