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In 2005, Hurricane Katrina dealt the city a blow that called its very existence into question. In the midst of the agony of rebuilding the city there was a miracle – the New Orleans joie de vivre and genius for pleasure re-emerged intact. Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest were celebrated within months of the deluge. Backyard crawfish boils and second-line parades resumed as restaurants and clubs reopened. For New Orleanians, the whole point of being here is to enjoy life. And they invite you to join them.

05-22-07 Road Trip 320 New Orleans French Quarter - Pat O'Brien'smnchilemom / CC BY 2.0

Pat O'Brien's

Pat O'Brien's

Locals' Pick A New Orleans classic

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Elizabeth Pearce

New Orleans Drinks Historian

Iconic and required. Grab a seat on the lush patio by the flaming fountain or sneak into the piano room for a singalong with everyone from grandparents to foreign tourists, and yes, lots of locals, too. Pass on their Kool-Aid-like Hurricane and choose a gin and tonic or beer instead.

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A New Orleans classic Editors' Note

Telling someone not to go to Pat O'Brien’s while they’re in New Orleans is sort of like telling someone not to go to Bourbon Street. Yes, it’s cheesy, but why not?

It may well be the most famous business in New Orleans, drawing people in for the fruity, syrupy, rum-laden concoction that is the Hurricane. (Drink at your own risk.) This vast bar is divided into three spaces. The main action is in the two adjoining courtyards, both with fountains, one topped by fire. Subtlety is absolutely dead here.

Pat O'Brien's
718 St Peter Street, 70116 New Orleans
525 4823/ 1-800 597 4823
Open 12noon-2am Mon-Thur, 10am-2am Fri-Sun