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Across the bridge from San Francisco, Oakland has a enough for a few pleasant days. The city is home to the USS Potomac, alongside the city’s museum, art galleries, and parks. Shopping is fun in Oakland too, especially if you have a passion for hats - there is no men’s hat store quite like The Hat Guys. For gifts, souvenirs, good dining, and other shopping opportunities, follow College Avenue - it’s a local favorite.

SalmonJán Sokoly / CC BY-SA 2.0



Locals' Pick Creative Pan-Asian dining

Profile Image of Rebecca Gomez Farrell

Rebecca Gomez Farrell

Bay Area Food Blogger

My husband is addicted to the peppery sizzle of this Asian fusion spot’s dry-fried wings. I prefer the green tea salad mixed at your table. Either way, the Plum Manhattan makes an excellent accompaniment.

Creative Pan-Asian dining Editors' Note

Osmanthus is a neighborhood eatery serving Asian fusion cuisine. With a blend of Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian fare, this hip and understated restaurant offers pan-Asian food along with Asian-inspired cocktails.

Located in Oakland’s Rockridge area, Osmanthus is a laid back Asian fusion restaurant. It has a swanky décor, with polished wood booths and tables, porcelain-tiled walls, and decorated with a female Buddha head from Shanghai. Putting their own creative spin on traditional recipes, they offer raw dishes, noodles, rice dishes, and small and large plates of creative fusion fare. From crispy salmon on a mash of yams with a coconut-based red curry sauce, to sweet brussels sprouts with salt pork and honey-sriracha, their dishes are authentic and inventive. Their Asian-inspired cocktails range from warm and spicy to sour and earthy. The wait staff are attentive and friendly, making recommendations of good flavor combinations and drink pairings.

6048 College Ave, Oakland, CA, 94618 Oakland
+1 510-923-1233
Mon: Closed Tue-Sun: 11:30-15:00, 17:00-22:00