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Oak trees and gorgeous Bay views

Across the bridge from San Francisco, Oakland has a enough for a few pleasant days. The city is home to the USS Potomac, alongside the city’s museum, art galleries, and parks. Shopping is fun in Oakland too, especially if you have a passion for hats - there is no men’s hat store quite like The Hat Guys. For gifts, souvenirs, good dining, and other shopping opportunities, follow College Avenue - it’s a local favorite.

Berkeley, California - Amphora NuevaSharon Hahn Darlin / CC BY 2.0

Amphora Nueva

Amphora Nueva

Locals' Pick Olive oils and vinegars

Profile Image of Laura McLively

Laura McLively

Dietitian and food writer

This awesome family-run store has the winning combination of some of the world’s best olive oils and an incredibly knowledgeable, chemistry-minded staff that is always ready to help. I love sampling from the vats to pick out the perfect olive oil to go with my meal—grassy and bright picual for a peach and tomato salad, rich and robust manzanillo for roasted root veggies, or even lemon-scented oil to dress up a simple ravioli. And the icing on the cake is that they reward you for filling up your old bottles.

Olive oils and vinegars Editors' Note

For good olive oils, there is no better destination in Berkeley than Amphora Nueva. The company produces most of the extra virgin olive oils available in store. They also offer olive oils infused with herbs and spices, as well as specialty products, like truffle salt, and fig balsamic jam.

Amphora Nueva’s gourmet vinegar bar is exceptional, featuring several varieties of aged balsamic vinegar on tap. You can taste before you buy. They also hold olive oil classes, tastings, and other events. Check out their website and social media channels for news and interesting recipes.

Amphora Nueva
2928 Domingo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705 Oakland
+1 (510) 704-9300
Mon-Sun: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm