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Capital of chic

The French capital boasts some of the most instantly recognizable, iconic monuments in the world, with Notre Dame cathedral, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower lined up in a great sweep along the River Seine. Yet for all its historic grandeur, elegant boulevards, world-class museums, chic boutiques and cosmopolitan buzz, Paris is also an intimate, intensely lived-in city, best discovered on foot. Each district has its own distinct style, bars, food market and village atmosphere.

Le Bilboquet

Le Bilboquet

An authentic jazz venue

An authentic jazz venue Editors' Note

Le Bilboquet is considered one of the finest jazz venues in Paris and those who desire to experience a genuine slice of jazz history are in for a treat. It is located in the heart of Saint-Germain near Les Deux Maggots. The atmosphere is beautifully enhanced with soft lighting and superb sound.

Over the years Le Bilboquet has been graced by the presence of many great performers, like Miles Dewey Davis III who was considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, and Charles Parker, Jr. who was affectionately known as “Bird.” The food and service are impeccable at this jazz club.

Le Bilboquet
13 rue St-Benoit, 75006 Paris
01 45 48 81 84