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Capital of chic

The French capital boasts some of the most instantly recognizable, iconic monuments in the world, with Notre Dame cathedral, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower lined up in a great sweep along the River Seine. Yet for all its historic grandeur, elegant boulevards, world-class museums, chic boutiques and cosmopolitan buzz, Paris is also an intimate, intensely lived-in city, best discovered on foot. Each district has its own distinct style, bars, food market and village atmosphere.

Paris SEPT2011 Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature Petrovitch sculptureMark B. Schlemmer / CC BY 2.0

Hunting Museum (Musee de la Chasse)

Hunting Museum (Musee de la Chasse)

A museum dedicated to hunting and nature

A museum dedicated to hunting and nature Editors' Note

Paris, a city commonly known for love and romance, is careful not to overlook the adventurer and the Hunting Museum (Musee de la Chasse) is a venue that proves just that. This museum is located in a gorgeous 17th Century mansion and is dedicated to all things hunting and nature.

The Hunting Museum (Musee de la Chasse) has wonderful displays of weaponry, engravings, masks, paintings and other art works directly related to hunting and the natural world, as well as many other precious and rare items. Collections also include furniture, sculptures, textiles, trophy animals, and interesting antique manuscripts. Photography is allowed.

Hunting Museum (Musee de la Chasse)
60 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris
Tues. - Sunday 11am - 6pm, Monday, bank holidays