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Philadelphia lived for a long time in the Big Apple’s overwhelming shadow, but it has recently begun showing its true heart, gaining popularity as a travel destination. It’s here where the roots of the American Independence began, and you’ll see traces of this glorious past in Philadelphia’s oldest historic quarter, the Old City. Browse the Reading Terminal Market, dine out in South Philly for good Italian, taste an authentic cheesesteak, or go gallery hopping on the first Friday of every month.

La Cupola

La Cupola

The Carlton Hotel that houses La Cupola has been a...

The Carlton Hotel that houses La Cupola has been a... Editors' Note

The Carlton Hotel that houses La Cupola has been a business run by the same Venetian family for over three decades, and the kind of attention to detail and passion you’d expect from such a team certainly flows over in to the hotel’s flagship eatery. Elegant reflections, crisp white tablecloths adorned with candles and a soothing beige colour scheme are the restaurants defining visual features, whilst the cuisine on offer is a range of tantalisingly forward thinking and homely, traditional Italian cuisine. Maitre Filippo Nocerino operates a restaurant with a sense of refined simplicity, La Cupola being a place that really envelops a diner, from the casual dinner guest to couples on more romantic adventures (the view over the Grand Canal making La Cupola highly recommended when it comes to the latter).

La Cupola
578 Santa Croce, Carlton Hotel, Venice, 30135 Venice
12:00-15:00,19:00-23:00 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun