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A city of Miracoli

Unlike Florence, which is highly commercialized, Pisa is serene and laid-back. Known all over the world for its leaning tower (Torre pendente) and the Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa still stays the least-known of the Italian cities. A Rennaisance city that was once a wealthy seaport, it welcomes today tourists from all over the world with its Pisan-Romanesque style churches, the Campo Santo (the most beautiful cemetery in the world), trattorias, boutiques, and an atmosphere of cultured bohemia.

Attractions in Pisa

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  • Marina di Pisa
  • San Francesco
  • San Martino
  • Sant' Antonio
  • Santa Maria


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    Zona ginnastica +Add

    Viale delle Piagge

    The green heart of Pisa
    San Martino +Add

    San Martino

    Pisa's forth historical quarter
    Sant'Antonio Abate, Pisa, facciata +Add


    Historical quarter in Mezzogiorno
    San Francesco +Add

    San Francesco

    Historic neighborhood, with lesser known attractions
    Santa Maria della Spina +Add

    Santa Maria

    Historic neighborhood with many tourist attractions
    Montecatini Val di Cecina +Add

    Montecatini Val di Cecina

    Historic village in Cecina Valley
    Fontemorsi, Montescudaio +Add

    Camping Village Montescudaio

    Vacation at the seaside
    MontescudaioPanorama +Add


    Welcome to the wine county
    Toscana, Agriturismo Villa Ricrio, Guardistallo, Pisa +Add


    Historic medieval village
    Bagni di Nerone +Add

    Bagni di Nerone

    Traces of Roman Pisa
    SanRossore CascineVecchie +Add

    Ente Parco Regionale di Migliarino San Rossore ...

    Wildlife, tours and other activities
    Lajatico: Teatro del Silenzio +Add


    The hometown of tenor Andrea Bocelli
    Jewish Cemetery +Add

    Jewish Cemetery

    One of the most ancient Jewish burial grounds still in use
    Piazza Dante +Add

    Piazza Dante

    History and party time
    IXU_0719 +Add

    Piazza delle Vettovaglie

    The medieval heart of the city
    Piazza XX Settembre +Add

    Piazza XX Settembre

    The center of Pisa, with the City Hall and other attractions
    Piazza Garibaldi +Add

    Piazza Garibaldi

    Historic square, very popular with tourists
    Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate - interior +Add

    Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate

    With a mural by Keith Haring
    Tuttomondo +Add


    Keith Haring's famous mural in Pisa
    Orto botanico di Pisa +Add

    Orto botanico di Pisa

    The botanical garden of the University of Pisa
    Giardino Scotto +Add

    Giardino Scotto

    A garden at the heart of an ancient fortress
    Cinema Lumiere +Add

    Cinema Lumière

    The oldest cinema in the world

    Cittadella di Pisa

    The Old Citadel of Pisa
    Ponte della Fortezza +Add

    Ponte della Fortezza

    At the same site of a historic bridge
    Cappella di Sant'Agata +Add

    Cappella di Sant'Agata

    Small Romanesque chapel
    Chiesa di San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno +Add

    Chiesa di San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno

    The old cathedral
    Palazzo alla Giornata +Add

    Palazzo alla Giornata

    The palace of the day...
    Palazzo Agostini +Add

    Palazzo Agostini

    One of the most beautiful palaces on the banks of the Arno
    Palazzo Gambacorti +Add

    Palazzo Gambacorti

    One of the most famous attractions on the Lungarni
    Palazzo Pretorio +Add

    Palazzo Pretorio

    The former seat of the Governor, now a library
    Chiesa del Santo Sepolcro +Add

    Chiesa del Santo Sepolcro

    Historic church, designed by Diotisalvi
    Lungarni di Pisa: Lungarno Pacinotti from Ponte di mezzo +Add

    Lungarni di Pisa

    Arno's silent companions
    Goats at Camping Village Torre Pendente, Pisa +Add

    Camping Torre Pendente

    Camping near the Leaning Tower of Pisa
    Lion's Pool Aug'13 +Add

    Camping Mare e Sole

    Vacations in Calambrone
    Camp +Add

    Camping Pineta

    Ideal for family vacations
    Chiesa di San Sisto +Add

    Chiesa di San Sisto

    Historic, Pisane-Romanesque style church
    Chiesa di San Rocco - facade +Add

    Chiesa di San Rocco

    Historic church in Piazza dei Cavalieri
    Chiesa di Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri 聖史蒂法諾教堂 +Add

    Chiesa di Santo Stefano

    The church of the Knights
    Palazzo dell'Orologio +Add

    Palazzo dell'Orologio

    A palace of literature
    Palazzo della Carovana +Add

    Palazzo della Carovana

    Historic palace, now a school
    P1230837 +Add

    Piazza dei Cavalieri

    The political centre in medieval Pisa
    Santa Maria della Spina (from the right side) +Add

    Santa Maria della Spina

    Small Gothic church erected in 1230
    Campo dei Miracoli +Add

    Spedale Nuovo di Santo Spirito

    Former hospital, now housing a museum of frescoes
    Certosa di Pisa +Add

    Certosa di Pisa

    Once a monastery, now a museum
    Uploaded by Hélène +Add

    Camposanto Monumentale

    One of the historic landmarks in Piazza dei Miracoli
    Uploaded by Pål +Add

    Torre pendente di Pisa

    Pisa's world-known city symbol
    Uploaded by Hélène +Add

    Battistero (Baptistry)

    The largest baptistery in Italy
    Uploaded by Hélène +Add


    The medieval cathedral
    Piazza dei Miracoli +Add

    Piazza dei Miracoli

    Gabriele d'Annunzio's meadow of Miracles