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A city of Miracoli

Unlike Florence, which is highly commercialized, Pisa is serene and laid-back. Known all over the world for its leaning tower (Torre pendente) and the Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa still stays the least-known of the Italian cities. A Rennaisance city that was once a wealthy seaport, it welcomes today tourists from all over the world with its Pisan-Romanesque style churches, the Campo Santo (the most beautiful cemetery in the world), trattorias, boutiques, and an atmosphere of cultured bohemia.

Lungarni di Pisa: Lungarno Pacinotti from Ponte di mezzoWikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

Lungarni di Pisa

Lungarni di Pisa

Arno's silent companions

Arno's silent companions Editors' Note

Lungarni di Pisa are riverside streets, that give the city that special romantic flair, specially at night when the lamplight reflects on the Arno river. There are four main Lugarni: Lungarno Mediceo, Lungarno Pacinotti, Lungarno Galilei and Lungarno Gambacorti.

Alongside Lungarni di Pisa there are many historic palaces such as Piazza Garibaldi and La Cittadella, and other important attractions: Chiesa di San Sepolcro, Palazzo Pretorio, Palazzo Lanfranchi, Palazzo Gambacorti, Palazzo Agostini, Palazzo Reale and so on.

Lungarni di Pisa
Lugarni di Pisa, Pisa