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A city of Miracoli

Unlike Florence, which is highly commercialized, Pisa is serene and laid-back. Known all over the world for its leaning tower (Torre pendente) and the Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa still stays the least-known of the Italian cities. A Rennaisance city that was once a wealthy seaport, it welcomes today tourists from all over the world with its Pisan-Romanesque style churches, the Campo Santo (the most beautiful cemetery in the world), trattorias, boutiques, and an atmosphere of cultured bohemia.

orzo bruno

Orzo Bruno

Orzo Bruno

Locals' Pick Artisan organic beer

Profile Image of Gianfrancesco Cutelli

Gianfrancesco Cutelli

Ice Cream Chef

If you like craft beers this is the right place for an after dinner meeting. Each beer is absolutely original and this micro brewery produces only non-pasteurized beers. They use traditional methods, and avoid additives.

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Artisan organic beer Editors' Note

Orzo Bruno serves artisan organic beer and home made food in a cozy environment. They have six different brews, simple and cheap dishes and a lively atmosphere.

Orzo Bruno is a little bit outside the main tourist area and that gives this beer bar a local vibe. You’ll always find students here, as well as Italians from the neighborhood and it’s never boring.

Orzo Bruno
Via Case Dipinte n. 6/8 56100 Pisa, Pisa
+39 (0)50 578 802