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Gianfrancesco Cutelli

Ice Cream Chef

Born and raised in Sicily, he moved to Pisa to study at the local university. Ten years ago he decided to open an ice cream shop in Pisa where one could find the ice cream that he always enjoyed: fresh, natural and made ​​with local ingredients. Plus, he combined his passion for organic ingredients and creative experiments. “De' Coltelli” continues to receive great reviews and it is listed as one of the best gelato shop in Italy.

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Yoga Pisa

Yoga school

I’ve been practicing yoga since 1974 and have been a teacher since 1979. I graduated from the Italian Federation of Yoga in Hatha Yoga and the Acharya Samgha in Integral Yoga. I studied with some of the greatest yoga masters in the world and love sharing their wise words with my students.

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