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A city of Miracoli

Unlike Florence, which is highly commercialized, Pisa is serene and laid-back. Known all over the world for its leaning tower (Torre pendente) and the Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa still stays the least-known of the Italian cities. A Rennaisance city that was once a wealthy seaport, it welcomes today tourists from all over the world with its Pisan-Romanesque style churches, the Campo Santo (the most beautiful cemetery in the world), trattorias, boutiques, and an atmosphere of cultured bohemia.

Restaurants in Pisa

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  • Affordable Fine Dining


  • Marina di Pisa
  • San Francesco
  • San Martino
  • Sant' Antonio
  • Santa Maria


  • Italian
  • Local
  • Seafood
  • Pizza
  • European
  • Organic
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    olives +Add


    Very good pizza and a wide choice of beers
    Locals' Pick
    Cheese +Add

    La Carta Gialla

    Delicious organic sandwiches
    Locals' Pick
    Image of Biosteria 050 +Add

    Biosteria 050

    Organic vegetarian food
    Locals' Pick
    cecina +Add

    Pizzeria Pizzicotto

    Pizza, cecina, and artisan beers
    Pizza & Wine +Add

    Pick a Flower

    Restaurant, pizzeria and enoteca
    Ice Cream with berries +Add

    Gelateria Naturale Artigianale De' Coltelli

    Natural ice cream every time
    Locals' Pick
    pizza +Add

    Pizzeria Tavola Calda La Tana

    Huge menu of pizzas
    Sicilian Chicken +Add

    Osteria La Stanzina

    Sicilian cuisine
    white pizza +Add

    Pizzeria Funiculì

    Excellent pizza, crowded restaurant
    Chicken wrapped in prosciutto. +Add

    La Mescita

    Restaurant and enoteca
    Meringue with Soft Centre +Add

    Ristorante Antonietta

    Next to the Leaning Tower
    Mullet +Add


    Tastes of tradition
    pasta with anchovies +Add

    Ristorante Da Gino

    Excellent fish specialties
    Tuscan Spinach Salad at Coral Tree Cafe, Brentwood +Add

    Ristorante Albergo Il Vecchio Mulino

    Traditional Tuscan and specials
    grilled sardines with wild sauteed spinach, grilled tomatoes, olives lemon zest and fried potatoes +Add

    Restaurant Janett

    Mediterranean fish cuisine
    A glass of tasty grappa +Add

    La Gozzetta

    Tuscan cuisine in a popular countryside resort
    Brick-oven Margarita pizza +Add

    L'antico Vicoletto

    Recommended for pizza with fresh mozzarella
    Tuscan White Beans vegan / Judías blancas con calabacín +Add

    Osteria del Tinti

    Tuscan specialties and other Italian dishes
    Lasagna 1 +Add

    Numero 11

    Rustic dining spot
    Locals' Pick
    Mmm... spaghetti carbonara +Add

    Ristorante da Rino

    Excellent business restaurant
    Proper Panzanella Salad, +Add


    Traditional Tuscan and Nouvelle cuisine
    pizza +Add

    Bella Napoli

    Neapolitan pizzas and Tuscan specialties
    Wine Glass +Add

    Antica Tratorria Da Bruno

    One of the most sought-after restaurants in Pisa
    Olives +Add

    Trattoria San Omobono

    A local favorite
    Image of La Bottega del Gelato +Add

    La Bottega del Gelato

    Pisa's favorite ice cream shop
    san marzano tomatoes +Add

    La Grotta

    Rustic, cave-like restaurant
    tagliatelle con culatello +Add

    Trattoria La Buca

    Pizza and bike rentals
    vegetarian bruschetta +Add

    Osteria del Porton Rosso

    Here comes the sun...
    italian pasta +Add

    Enoteca Osteria Il Colonnino

    Local cuisine and a rich assortment of wines
    Pasticceria Romana alla frutta +Add

    Salza dal 1898

    One of the gems of Borgo Stretto
    Uploaded by Pınar +Add

    Osteria dei Cavalieri

    Superb wines, and great cooking
    Proper Panzanella Salad, Jamies Italian, Leeds +Add

    Trattoria da Stelio

    Typical Tuscan cuisine, since 1963
    Uploaded by Pınar +Add

    Il Montino

    One of the best pizzerias in town
    fish +Add

    Il Campano

    Central restaurant, specialized in Tuscan cuisine