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A city of Miracoli

Unlike Florence, which is highly commercialized, Pisa is serene and laid-back. Known all over the world for its leaning tower (Torre pendente) and the Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa still stays the least-known of the Italian cities. A Rennaisance city that was once a wealthy seaport, it welcomes today tourists from all over the world with its Pisan-Romanesque style churches, the Campo Santo (the most beautiful cemetery in the world), trattorias, boutiques, and an atmosphere of cultured bohemia.

Lasagna 1Nathan Forget / CC BY 2.0

Numero 11

Numero 11

Locals' Pick Rustic dining spot

Profile Image of Gianfrancesco Cutelli

Gianfrancesco Cutelli

Ice Cream Chef

Students and academics love this place. The food is rustic and they have self-service. The staff is busy creating lots of delicious foods behind the counter. It is a wonderful, budget-friendly, alternative place.

Rustic dining spot Editors' Note

Numero 11 cares more about what’s on your plate, than about the decor, and that’s always a good sign. This is the ideal place for a quick lunch, serving up excellent dishes, which vary from traditional Tuscan cuisine, to the ethnic cuisine of North Africa.

Numero 11 is also recommended by the size of the portions, which provide excellent value for money. The menu changes daily, to reflect availability of fresh produce. If you need further recommendations, there are many Pisans who are regulars of this locale.

Numero 11
Via San Martino 47, Pisa
+39 50 27 282