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Modern meets traditional in grand old Prague

Whilst many European cities have gradually modernised and adapted a 21st century look, Prague excels at changing with the times whilst remaining classically beautiful. Strolling around town, you get a sense of Prague’s rich and troubled history, but the culture of old-meets-new cosmopolitan desires to embrace the weekend-away spirit. As for shopping, unearth beautiful craftsmanship and wonderful jewelry.

Pilsner UrquellJames Cridland / CC BY 2.0

Sousedský pivovar Bašta

Sousedský pivovar Bašta

In the past, a favorite of Jaroslav Hašek

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In the past, a favorite of Jaroslav Hašek Editors' Note

Sousedský pivovar Bašta is the first completely non-smoking brewery in the Czech Republic. With generous indoor seating, and outdoor beer garden for warm Summer months, the brewery offers excellent light Kroužková beer, dark lager and cider.

In addition to beer, Sousedský pivovar Bašta serves traditional local cuisine.

Sousedský pivovar Bašta was a favorite of Jaroslav Hašek, a Czech humorist, satirist, and writer, best known for his novel The Good Soldier Švejk, which mentions the pub.

Sousedský pivovar Bašta
Táborská 389/49, 140 00 Praha-Nusle, Prague
724 582 721