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Modern meets traditional in grand old Prague

Whilst many European cities have gradually modernised and adapted a 21st century look, Prague excels at changing with the times whilst remaining classically beautiful. Strolling around town, you get a sense of Prague’s rich and troubled history, but the culture of old-meets-new cosmopolitan desires to embrace the weekend-away spirit. As for shopping, unearth beautiful craftsmanship and wonderful jewelry.

Cafés in Prague

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  • Holesovice
  • Josefov
  • Karlin
  • Mala Strana
  • Nové Mêsto
  • Smichov
  • Stare Mesto
  • Vinohrady
  • Zizkov
    EMA, Prague #VSCOcam +Add

    EMA Espresso Bar

    Well-crafted coffee every time
    Scotch eggs at Fifty Acres cafe in Richmond +Add

    Mezi Zrnky

    A favorite for breakfast and brunch
    Image of La Bohème Café +Add

    La Bohème Café

    Living room coffee shop
    Image of The Coffee Room +Add

    The Coffee Room

    Third-wave coffee in Praha 10
    gallery +Add

    Café Nová galerie

    A place where dreams come true
    ice cream +Add


    An ever-changing menu of ice creams and sorbets
    Locals' Pick
    sandwich +Add

    Bistro Proti Proudu

    Good coffee and delicious food
    Locals' Pick
    Coffee +Add

    Kavárna Místo

    For breakfast, lunch and dinner
    Locals' Pick
    Café Jen +Add

    Café Jen

    Good coffee, friendly atmosphere
    Locals' Pick
    Uploaded by Claudia +Add

    Choco Café

    Amazing hot chocolate
    Locals' Pick
    Green Olives +Add

    Tempo Allegro

    Cafe, bistro and wine bar
    Locals' Pick
    Měšťanský dům U Knoflíčků (Malá Strana), Praha 1, Újezd 17, Malá Strana +Add

    U knoflíčků

    Patisserie, cafe and candy factory
    Locals' Pick
    Beer +Add

    Café Jericho

    Literary cafe
    Tea +Add

    Café MODI

    Ode to Amedeo Modigliani
    café Ebel +Add

    Café Ebel

    Great coffee, and food for all budgets
    Croissant, whole +Add

    La Patisserie

    Irresistible French pastries
    espresso in chinatown +Add

    Café Colore

    Art nouveau coffee shop
    Locals' Pick
    Pastries +Add

    Cukrárna Alchymista

    Retro sweets shop
     Můj šálek kávy +Add

    Můj šálek kávy

    Coffee and culture
    Coffee +Add

    Al Cafetero

    Family friendly coffee shop
    Cafe Imperial - Prague +Add

    Café Imperial

    An Art Deco gem
    Kavarna +Add

    Kavárna Obecní dum

    Tea and pastries in a lofty setting
    Yummy bagels +Add

    Bohemia Bagel

    Baked delights with plenty of home style
    Atmosphere +Add


    Comfy cafe and pub
    Uploaded by Stephanie +Add

    Angelato Cafe

    Angelic ice cream
    Locals' Pick
    Cooking at Chalet Savoie Faire +Add

    Cafe De Paris

    French dining, all around
    Coca Cola Light Break +Add

    Kavarna Slavia

    Traditional cafe in Prague's city center