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Modern meets traditional in grand old Prague

Whilst many European cities have gradually modernised and adapted a 21st century look, Prague excels at changing with the times whilst remaining classically beautiful. Strolling around town, you get a sense of Prague’s rich and troubled history, but the culture of old-meets-new cosmopolitan desires to embrace the weekend-away spirit. As for shopping, unearth beautiful craftsmanship and wonderful jewelry.

Dinner at Govinda'sCasey And Sonja / CC BY-SA 2.0



Locals' Pick Popular vegetarian chain

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Aruna Singhvi

Yoga Teacher

There are a few locations run by hare Rama hare krishna mission. Popular, reasonable selection.

Popular vegetarian chain Editors' Note

Góvinda is a chain of vegetarian restaurants with several venues in Prague. The Góvinda Soukenická branch, in business since 1995, ranks among the first restaurants of its kind in the city. The location is ideal, as it’s close to some of the most important tourist attractions.

Góvinda serve Indian cuisine, and traditional foods based on ancient recipe. The menu is rich and divers, featuring raita, soups, salads, specialty vegetables and rice, papadám, vegetable patties, pakora and desserts.

Soukenická 2060/27, Prague
605 700 871
Mon-Fri: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sat: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Sun: CLOSED