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Reykjavik is a destination for nature lovers, a family-friendly location that offers some of nature’s most spectacular views: the northern lights, beautiful blue lagoons, whale watching, horseback riding, air tours, boat trips and kayaking on the coast of the fjords. Every district of the city hosts a number of thermal pools, filled with geothermal heated water, and spas offering the renowned all-Icelandic volcanic treatments. Reykjavik boasts an enchanting blend of old timber houses and contemporary architecture, with a cozy atmosphere, vibrant street life, and the best shopping experience in Iceland.

Krysuvik Geothermal Area Reykholt / CC BY-SA 3.0
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Krysuvik Geothermal Area

Krysuvik Geothermal Area

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Amazing landscape, out of this world Editors' Note

To see what Iceland is really all about, a visit to the Krysuvik Geothermal Area is an absolute must! This is probably the most visibly stunning active volcanic area near the capital, characterized by blowing steam vents, boiling mud springs and a beautiful palette of colors that makes for a truly vivid landscape.

Also worth checking out while at Krysuvik Geothermal Area are the spectacular Krysuvikurberg cliffs, home to thousands of sea birds nesting high up on the rock face. The spectacular rugged coastline here and the stormy Atlantic Ocean makes for an epic view that just has to be seen to be believed. For more information and maps of hiking routes, contact the Reykjavik tourist office at the phone number listed above.

Krysuvik Geothermal Area
Krisuvik, Reykjavik