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Reykjavik is a destination for nature lovers, a family-friendly location that offers some of nature’s most spectacular views: the northern lights, beautiful blue lagoons, whale watching, horseback riding, air tours, boat trips and kayaking on the coast of the fjords. Every district of the city hosts a number of thermal pools, filled with geothermal heated water, and spas offering the renowned all-Icelandic volcanic treatments. Reykjavik boasts an enchanting blend of old timber houses and contemporary architecture, with a cozy atmosphere, vibrant street life, and the best shopping experience in Iceland.

Bars & Pubs in Reykjavik

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  • Árbær
  • Breiðholt
  • Grafarholt
  • Grafarvogur
  • Háaleiti
  • Hlíðar
  • Laugardalur
  • Miðborg
  • Vesturbær


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    Bar o.T. +Add


    Lively Marina-side bar
    Locals' Pick
    disco ball +Add

    Pablo Discobar

    Groovy cocktail & disco bar
    Locals' Pick
    Coming Soon (Fr) @ Club 106 +Add

    Húrra Bar

    Dive bar with live music shows
    Locals' Pick
    finger food +Add


    Lounge, bar and restaurant at CenterHotel Arnarhvoll
    Bravó +Add


    For fans of electronic music
    Icelandic steam beer +Add


    Craft brewery in Selfoss
    Locals' Pick
    beer +Add

    Bryggjan Brugghús

    Seafood and house beers
    Locals' Pick
    skuli +Add


    Craft beer bar
    Locals' Pick
    Spoiled for choice at Mikkeller & Friends +Add

    Mikkeller & Friends

    Danish micro brews for beer geeks
    Locals' Pick
    MicroBar +Add


    Funky microbrewery bar
    Locals' Pick
    Borg Brugghús beers +Add

    Borg Brugghús

    Award-winning brewery
    Locals' Pick
    oysters +Add


    Cozy, unpretentious cocktail bar and cafe
    beer +Add

    Den Danske Kro

    Live music and more
    Lebowski Bar +Add

    Lebowski Bar

    Very popular sports bar and grill
    drinks +Add


    Posh and elegant lounge and bar
    Writing cards +Add

    Kaldi Bar

    Cozy piano bar
    Locals' Pick
    Kex Hostel +Add


    Gastro-pub at Kex Hostel
    Súfistinn Bókakaffi +Add


    Books, newspapers and coffee
    Locals' Pick
    How to order a cup of coffee or some tea +Add

    Te & Kaffi

    Large choice of teas and coffee
    Locals' Pick
    kofi tómasar frænda +Add

    Kofi Tomasar Fraenda

    A young atmosphere
    kaffitár +Add


    Excellent coffee shop
    cocktails +Add

    Grai Kotturinn

    Bohemian style restaurant
    Dillon Whiskey Bar (Distortion Corrected) +Add


    Simple, but mighty rock bar
    beer +Add

    The English Pub

    The clue is in the name
    Image of Laundromat Café +Add

    Laundromat Café

    Quirky little place
    Locals' Pick
    giant breakfast at Tíu Dropar +Add

    Tiu Dropar

    One of Reykjavik’s oldest bars
    Locals' Pick
    Ölstofan Bar 01 +Add


    A simple and straightforward pub
    Locals' Pick
    Image of Vegamot +Add


    Lively till late
    drink +Add

    Q Bar

    Gay and lesbian hub
    KaffiBarInn +Add


    One of Reykjavik’s trendiest bars
    Locals' Pick
    Heiða Dóra @ café rosenberg +Add

    Café Rósenberg

    A groovy bar
    Kaffi Hljómalind +Add

    Café Hljomalind

    Fancy a pint?
    At the Islanski Barinn, Reykjavik, photo by Stewart Connor +Add


    One of the funkiest spots in town
    bar 11 +Add

    Bar 11

    A local favorite